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Atelier Temenos llc, recognizes the need for quality assurances (Q/A) within the botanical products industry and have added Q/A plus standardization practices from propagation to manufacturing within its cGAP certified Artemisia Nursery and cGMP certified Artecinua™ manufacturing facilities, located in Homestead, FL, USA. Artecinua™ is handcrafted in small batches to maintain purity, authenticity and strength as a non-GMO cultivar, ‘dried leaf Artemisia annua’ (DLA). Artemisia annua’s natural combination of artemisinin, multiple flavonoids and terpenes provide a very high level of therapeutic efficiency and is being verified within clinical trials.

Artemisia annua L. (Sweet Wormwood) is a recognized FDA/GRAS herbal used throughout Asia and Africa as a ‘dried leaf material’ (DLM) in teas and now capsules to treat malaria plus related symptoms (fever, chills). One of its active ingredients, artemisinin (ARS), has been developed and used worldwide as artemisinin combination therapy (ACT), an anti-malarial drug. But it is expensive to produce, is in short supply in areas hit hardest by the disease and the malaria parasite is showing signs of resistance to ACT, particularly in Southeast Asia.*
* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Currently, Atelier Temenos llc is participating in Covid-19 in vivo trials.


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