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herbal dietary supplement
100% Dried Leaf Material (DLM) of Artemisia afra

 ’not available for sale, clinical trials only’.

Supplement Facts:
Artemisia afra (dried whole leaf) …… 100%

artemed™ …… captures the synergistic effects of the whole leaf A. afra plant
artemed™ …… is propagated, harvested and milled in Florida, USA
artemed™ …… as an A. afra whole leaf capsule suggests that it has a very low IC50 for impairing the development of late stage gametocytes
artemed™ …… as an A. afra whole leaf capsule supports studies conducted that significantly lowered hepatic ASAT and ALAT values
artemed™ …… as an A. afra whole leaf capsule supports in-vitro ant-mycobacterial activity, and modulated pulmonary inflammation

Artemisia afra extracts exhibit strong bacterial activity against Mycobactererium tuberculosis’: › science › articleArtemisia annua and Artemisia afra extracts exhibit strong …

Quality Assurances (Q/A)

cGAP/Harmonized GAP Certification / Americert International
          The goal of the Harmonized GAP standards is “One audit by any credible third party, acceptable to all buyers.” To achieve this goal, the Initiative has developed food safety Good Agricultural Practices standards and audit checklists for pre-harvest and post-harvest operations, applicable to all fresh produce commodities, all sizes of on-farm operations and all regions in the U.S.

americert international

cGMP Certication (Good Manufacturing Practice) / ASI
          ASI’s cGMP Audits are HACCP based audits that underlines the criteria expected for a modern food processing, food packaging or food storage and distribution facility to meet the basic food safety and food defense requirements of retailers, applicable regulatory agencies, and the general public. During the audit the site will also need to complete an effective mock recall within a reasonable time frame for which the amount of product is being recalled.

Safety Assurances (S/A)

Artemed™ encapsulates the whole leaf Artemisia afra (African wormwood) that has been a common species of the genius Artemisia in Africa and now being grown at our Homestead, Florida, USA. Artemisia afra has been a well-known medicinal plant in Africa and is still used by people of many cultures. The international renown organization La Maison de l’Artemisia has incorporated Artemisia afra tisanes within the anti-malaria program, serving over 6 million treatments since their creation in 2013.
artemed™ …… microbial and heavy metal analysis are done at a third party Kaycha Labs, in Miami, Florida

artemed™ ……
all aspects of propagation to bottling are locally validated as ‘Made in the USA
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