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Veterinary / Pure Organic Artemisia annua dried leaf powder in a vegan capsule.

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Artemisia annua (huang hua hao) has been for centuries an important medicinal plant used in Chinese and Ayurvedic therapies. With its synergistic natural compounds, inclusive of artemisinin and multiple flavonoids, recently published studies demonstrated that supplementation of Artemisia annua in veterinary patients resulted in efficacy with:

  • cancer tumor reduction
  • autoimmune and other skin diseases
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • anti-parasitic diagnosis
  • antiviral diagnosis
  • antibacterial diagnosis

Taken daily will support pet’s immune system.


Grown in our certified Artemisia R&D Organic Nursery, handcrafted on-site in small batches to maintain purity and quality, our capsules of pure dried powdered leaves deliver the highest level of therapeutic efficiency and have been selected for clinical trials. Regular testing ensures the effectiveness of vital substances and the absence of harmful ones.

Our artepet vegan capsules have NO FILLERS and are:

  • Lab tested
  • Non-GMO
  • Pesticides free
  • Mycotoxin free
  • Heavy metal free
  • Microbial free
  • Gluten free
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